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Én Gábor vagyok. És te ki vagy? - Tips to help you start learning Hungarian - Part 3

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Gábor vagyok, és Budapesten élek. Már nem tanulok, már pszichológus vagyok. Te hol élsz? Még tanulsz? Örülök a találkozásnak. (Try guessing what these sentences mean, the solution is at the end of the article.) 🙂 In my previous discussions, I gave you some tips about using the verb “to be” in Hungarian, and tips on how to use some conjunctions. Let's get to know with Hungarian verbs and heir conjugation. In Hungarian, we have a lot of forms and endings, but it is not impossible to learn them all - we just have to do it step by step. Our first exercise will be to learn the standard form of verbs. I would advise you to start by learning the 3rd person form of regular verbs, which is the easiest one to remember, as it has no suffixes at all. For example ő/Ön tanul, él, örül. Familiarize yourself with some regular verbs first, because this knowledge can give you the feeling of confidence, which is needed to start speaking in another language. After this step, we can go on with the informal 2nd person, which is also easy. We just have to put an "-sz" at the end of the standard forms, and voilà, we can ask questions! For example te tanulsz, te élsz, te örülsz. Questions usually go with answers, so let's learn how to say "I'm doing something". This one will be the hardest of all at first sight, as we will have to learn about vowel harmony. For now, it is enough to know, that we have 3 possible endings, which are -ok/-ek/-ök. -k will always be there, but with a different connecting vowel. Try learning the 1st person endings in context: - Hol élSZ? Budapesten élEK. - Mit tanulSZ? Pszichológiát tanulOK. - örülSZ? Igen, nagyon örülÖK. Try creating your sentences with this new knowledge, and put them in the comments section - I will have a look at them. 🙂 If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to write a comment about it. I am going to answer it. Based on vowel harmony, endings can be different. Vowel harmony is something new for you? Or it is not new at all, but you can never understand it? Stay tuned, I will show you how to use it in my next discussion. I am looking forward to reading your comments. Until next time, stay tuned and have a blissful day. 🙂 --------------- If you would like to start learning Hungarian, I also offer lessons to students. Make sure to check my teacher profile. 🙂 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Solution: I am Gábor, and I am living in Budapest. I am not studying anymore, I am already a psychologist. Where do you live? Are you still studying? Nice to meet you.