Important: Troubleshooting Connection Issues on Verbling

6 mesi fa
Dear teachers and students,

We’ve published a new help article with a fully comprehensive list of ways to troubleshoot any connection issues you might experience on Verbling: https://support.verbling.com/en/articles/2981192-i-can-t-join-the-lesson-or-i-m-having-connection-issues-what-should-i-do. Please bookmark this article in your browser for a quick access.

If all of these troubleshooting items fail, please contact support@verbling.com.

Please remember: When contacting support you must always provide:
  1. The link(s) to the lesson(s) where the problem occurred
  2. How to produce the problem step by step
  3. Any screenshot that shows the problem
  4. Anything you’ve tried to do to resolve the problem

Thank you!
The Verbling Team