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Dominic Elliston
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This is a discussion about activities and routines. It's a great way to practise adverbs of frequency, verb tenses and vocabulary. As well as learning about culture around the world.
  1. What do you like doing on Sundays?
  2. What do you seldom do on Sundays?
  3. What do you hate doing on Sundays?
  4. What don't you mind doing on Sundays?
  5. What do you have for breakfast on Sundays? Is it different than on other days?
  6. Do you think we should consider Sunday as a working day?
  7. In your country is it possible to work on Sundays?
  8. Do you wake up earlier or later on Sundays?
  9. Do you do have something different to eat on Sundays? e.g. In the U.K. we often eat roast beef.
  10. Are there special activities on Sundays in your country? In the U.K. for example we have boot fairs!
  11. Have you ever forgotten it was Sunday and went to work? (I have!)


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challenges to learning
improving english
improving learning experience
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customising learning experience
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dining out
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