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The Importance of Fluency When Speaking English

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Fluency in any language means to speak easily, quickly and without having to pause a lot in between your words or sentences. Good speakers always try to get their message across clearly, even if they do make mistakes throughout. Communication is always an important part of speaking in any language and its important to communicate your ideas naturally. Here are some tips to help you get started:
1. Try take advantage of every situation you can to speak English! The more English you speak, the easier you will find speaking!
2. Always be confident when speaking English.
3. Remember that your goal is to be very clear about the message you are trying to communicate
4. Remember that everybody makes mistakes, so dont worry! The important thing is to communicate what you are trying to say
5. Try practise as often as you can! Make a game out of it if it makes it easier
6. Try not to use placement holders such as "uhm" when trying to think of something to say

(have put into my own words - original article on learnenglishteens)