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The origin of the name Easter

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In most of the world, the name of the holiday celebrating Jesus Christ's resurrection comes from the Hebrew word Pesach, which refers to the Passover holiday.

Hebrew: Pesach
Greek: Pascha
Latin: Pascha
Spanish: Pascua
French: Pâques
Italian: Pasqua
Portuguese: Páscoa
Welsh: Pasg
Dutch: Pasen
Swedish: Påsk

The English word for this holiday is unique: Easter.

This word comes from the Old English word Eōstre, the name of the pre-Christian English goddess of dawn. It has the same origin as the word East, the direction the dawn comes from.

Eosturmonath -- Eōstre's month -- was the name of the spring holiday honoring Eōstre. When Christianity came to England, Eosturmonath was replaced by Christian holidays, but the old name remained.


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