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What are you afraid of when speaking to a native English speaker?

Noah House
10 mesi fa
Do you become nervous or anxious when speaking with a native English speaker? Are there particular reasons why? In order for you to become more comfortable speaking with native English speakers, you need to have more practice with them! Yes, it's ironic, but it works!

One of the most important things for you to remember is that you need to feel comfortable with the person you are speaking with. This is very important when overcoming your anxiety. Because you are speaking with someone you are comfortable with, you will have more trust with that person and that will help with your self-confidence.

You should also speak with someone who is patient with you. During the course of your conversation, you will probably have some vocabulary or grammar issues so it is important to have a patient listener. If this person is a teacher, they will know the proper way to encourage or correct you. They will also know when to provide that extra push you might need!

I do wish you well! Let me know how I can help you. Book a Trial Lesson and let's discuss your English language goals!

  1. What are some of your concerns when it comes to speaking with a native English speaker?
  2. Have you overcome an issue like this? If so, how?


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