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What’s the Difference Between: Учить・Учиться・Изучать・Заниматься in Russian?

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Is there any difference between the verbs Учить / Учиться / Изучать / Заниматься?
And if so, then what is it?

Let’s start with the verb ’Учить’. And here’s the catch: it means both ‘to Learn’ AND ‘to Teach’! 🤯
So, how do you know its meaning in a particular phrase?
You'll know it from the context!

Учить + something = to learn (Я учУ рУсский язЫк)
Учить + someone = to teach

You'll learn more examples from the video below.

The verb ‘Изучать’ also means studying something, but at a deeper level, professionally, exploring a subject:

Изучать + smth = to study smth at a deep level, professionally (Я изучАю кибернЕтику)

'Учиться' and 'Заниматься' are both reflexive verbs. You might think that you'll have troubles conjugating them, but rest assured, the things are easier than they seem. The main difference between these two verbs can be described as following:

'Учиться' = to acquire new skills;
'Заниматься' = to practice the existing skills.

Учиться + infinitive = to learn how to do smth (Я учУсь игрАть на гитАре)
Учиться = to study (Я учУсь в университЕте)

ЗанимАться = to be doing smth / to practice some skill (Я занимАюсь рУсским)