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Su di me

Hi there, I'm Rebecca! I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. Before that I lived in Thailand and Australia! I have a TEFL certificate and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern History. The reason I became an English teacher is because I love seeing my students become more self-assured and confident. I recently completed 1 year in Thailand where I worked as an English language teacher, and I loved it! My students were of mixed ability, so I designed lessons that were engaging and effective for all my students by using games, songs and technology in the classroom. I love teaching on Verbling because it enables me to meet interesting people from all over the world. I like to get to know my students through conversation, games, sharing articles and photos and helping them with grammar and pronunciation. Every lesson I teach is tailored to suit the specific needs of my students.

As an EFL teacher in Thailand, I tutored many students on a one to one basis. My adult students were both beginner and advanced learners. I helped my students to improve their knowledge and understanding of English grammar and most importantly they felt more confident using English in everyday situations, such as when asking for directions and ordering in restaurants. I also offered my adult students specific tutoring for test preparation and revision for exams.

I can help my students to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills covering a variety of subjects such as;

- Grammar
- Pronunciation
- Accents
- Vocabulary

General topics such as;

- The time and days of the week
- The weather
- Geography
- Daily routines
- Occupations
- Places and modes of transport
- Activities
- Food and drink
- Clothes, colours and patterns
- Describing yourself, others and things

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Competenze Didattiche

Principiante Superiore
Intermedio Superiore
Avanzato Superiore
British English
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Academic English
Accent Reduction
Colloquial English
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction


Studi e Formazione

2010 - 2013
Bachelor's Degree in Modern History
University of East Lonon - London, United Kingdom
Focused on social history and passed with First Class Honours

Esperienza Lavorativa

2015 - 2016
EFL teacher
Nicetalk Tutor - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Utilised a digital teaching platform to connect with a wide variety of international students. My students significantly improved their conversational English skills.
2015 - 2016
EFL Teacher - Primary Level 3 and Adult Learners
The Prince Royal's College - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Taught Primary Level 3 with an average of 40 students in a class, and taught both Beginner and Intermediate adults one on one for the After School Program. Collaborated with colleagues to write and develop course curriculum as well as lesson plans. Explored use of technology, music, songs, games and team projects in the classroom. Cowrote and delivered a seminar informing parents about phonics teaching techniques. Created and directed dramatic performances in English for Parents Day 2015. Trained new members of staff. Participated in extracurricular events such as English Camp and Kindergarten Camp.
2013 - 2014
Learning and Achievement Advisor
University of East London - London, United Kingdom
Significantly improved student achievement and retention through facilitating workshops, and tutoring students one to one. Enabled students to recognize their academic potential and worked closely with staff from all departments to stay up to date on program changes and other important events.


2015 - 2015
TEFL Training Certification
SEE TEFL - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Completed six teaching practices, passed all grammar and teaching components with an A grade.