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My name is Kristin Vincenzo. I was raised in Seattle, Washington and now live in New York City. In 2008, I earned my TEFL Certification from the Learning Center in Tuscany, and I have taught English to middle and high schools girls in South Korea and adults in New York City. Most recently, I taught English to software engineers from Asia as a communications coach with an online school in Brooklyn, NY.

My teaching style is simple. I always remember I am working with a person/people, and I do my best to establish a safe, fun environment for learning where students feel comfortable making mistakes as they learn. I have done this with both one-on-one teaching and classroom teaching, and I have had a lot of success helping people learn and improve their English language skills. I believe that learning a language requires practice, practice, and more practice. Although books and recordings are helpful for learning grammar and vocabulary, I think the best way to learn a language it to use it. Whether you're speaking with a native speaker or practicing with other students, every minute that you use the language makes you a little more proficient in the language you are learning.


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Esperienza Lavorativa

2017 - 2018
Communication Coach
Lingo Live (online school) - Brooklyn, NY
I focused on English grammar and management communication skills
2011 - 2015
English Teacher
American Language Communication Center - New York, NY
I taught group lessons to 15-30 adults of varying levels of English proficiency. The students were a combination of New York residents seeking to improve their English for job opportunities and visiting foreign students.
2009 - 2011
Native English Teacher
Chang Myeong School for Girls - Daesin, South Korea (outside of Yeoju, approximately 45 minutes from Seoul)
I was one of two native English teachers at a private school for middle and high school aged girls. I focused on middle school, but I taught approximately 25% of the high school classes.