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Rachel Westerby

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Hello! My name is Rachel. I am from the UK, although as my mother's family are from Ireland I have dual British-Irish nationality,

I currently live in Barcelona in Spain. I graduated from university way back in 1998, majoring in Modern History, and I now work as an English teacher and an academic researcher and editor. In my free time I enjoy sports, mainly running and swimming, and I'm a big fan of football, cinema and music.

I've been teaching English for around four and a half years, to students of all ages, both in the classroom and online. I have a CELTA certificate obtained in 2016, and a Cambridge certificate in teaching English online obtained in 2020. I have taught in Europe (Belgium, Italy, Spain and the UK) and online to students mainly from Turkey and Asia (primarily China, South Korea and Japan). I have a lot of experience in teaching kids aged 3-11, Cambridge and IELTS exam preparation, and business English. I teach all levels - from absolute beginners to fluent users of English.

I enjoy teaching because of the opportunities it gives me to meet and work with students from many different countries around the world.

I speak French to intermediate level, which I learned as an adult, and I'm currently learning Spanish - so I know that learning a new language is not easy! But I firmly believe that language learning can be a lot of fun. While I always remind my students that they need to practice and work hard, I also make sure that they enjoy learning English in a relaxed, collaborative and supportive teaching environment that speaks to their interests and motivations.

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schoolStudi e Formazione

1995 - 1998
BA Modern History
University College London - London, UK

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2017 - 2018
Classroom English tutor
English4Us - Nettuno, Italy
Classroom and one-to-one tuition for adults and young learners (including IELTS and Cambridge test preparation)
2017 - 2018
Classroom English tutor
Speakers Corner - Anzio, Italy
Classroom and one-to-one tuition for adults and young learners (including Cambridge test preparation)
2016 - 2017
Classroom English tutor & syllabus designer (young learners)
Kiddyzen - Brussels, Belgium
Classroom tuition, syllabus/curriculum design, classroom material design and lesson planning
2016 - 2017
Classroom English tutor
CLL Language Schools - Brussels, Belgium
Classroom and one-to-one tuition for adults and young learners
2011 - 2011
Volunteer Conversation Club facilitator & tutor (asylum seekers and refugees)
ASSIST Sheffield - Sheffield, UK
2019 - 0
Online English tutor (3-12 years)
Whales English - China
Online English tuition for students 3-11 years, using the Whales English curriculum


2016 - 2016
Cambridge University - Brussels, Belgium
English Language Teaching Certificate

Lezioni Private

60 minuti