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Dwayne Parks

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Hello! My name is Dwayne, and I am your English teacher!

I am here to help you with learning new words that you can use in everyday life so you will feel comfortable holding either a casual conversation or presenting your ideas during a business meeting.

I can also help you to read and understand different documents that you may need to study for a test, or help you with paperwork for your next meeting. I have coached many types of people from college students, business owners, and even young children who wished to speak English as a secondary language.

I have a background in small business startup, fundraising, research and marketing, and management. I’ve also enjoyed some time as professional gamer. I am a former champion of Mortal Kombat, Super Mario expert, and a God of War enthusiast. I still play casually when I’m not busy working or learning how to play the guitar. I am as patient as you are willing to learn.

It does not matter how little experience you might have. My goal for every class is to have my students leave with a stronger understanding, of the English language than when they first came to me.

My technique involves an adaptive approach, which allows each student to learn at their own pace. As a music student myself and fan of the martial arts, I am well aware of the challenges one faces when learning something new and difficult.

I’ve often found that the answer to overcoming these obstacles, is to find something that each challenge shares with a hobby you are familiar with. So… now that I’ve peaked your interest, lets schedule you for your first lesson!

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60 minuti

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2004 - 2008
B.A. Marketing

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2007 - 2012
Chief Business Innovations Officer
RawDeal Entertainment
Created and implemented effective marketing strategies for small business’, restaurants, and college social events. Created and maintained clients’ social networking platform. Managed multiple street teams.
2012 - 0
English Instructor - Freelance
Provide language arts support for high school and university students. Create lesson plans and subject-specific curriculum (marketing/history/social sciences). Facilitate GMAT/TOEFL/TOEIC/SAT preparation courses and practice testing sessions.
2014 - 0
Language Support Specialist - English
Pangaea Academy
Assess and create development plan to address individual student needs. Facilitate private lessons, language support workshops, and group courses. Conduct ongoing evaluations and identify language skills support needs of student body and recommend development priorities. Track and report statistics regarding student interest and participation in language skills support offered.

Lezioni Private

60 minuti