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I have always had a passion for foreign languages. I have the chances to work for different organizations as a volunteer and paid teacher. I taught students of many different nationalities and this has taught me to appreciate the difficulties and the struggles of learning other languages. My personal motto when learning a language is SYL "Speak Your Language". This means that together we will strive to speak as much as possible of the target language, and please do not be afraid to make mistakes.

We will work together on developing effective language study plans and I will regularly check on you to see what it is working and helping you to reach your goal to become an Italian speaker.

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60 minuti

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2009 - 2011
High Schoold Diploma
Itas G. Deledda - Cagliari
Humanist Subjects, foreign languages

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2018 - 2019
Insegante di Italiano per stranieri(volunteer)
The church of Jesus Christ LDS - Cagliari, Italia
Italian as second language tutor. Weekly meeting with people wanting to learn Italian. The purpose of this project is to enable, through language learning, the students to gain confidence in speaking the target language, learn about the culture and customs. In addition this helps the students to integrate with the local community.
2016 - 2018
English Second Language Tutor
International English Centre - Cagliari, Italy
Taught variety of classes, in specific: - Teens collective: Using the approved curriculum prepared the student to reach the language skills required by the course. Through these lessons, the students were able to review the preparation they had done by using the digital resources provided. - Coached the students to better understand the grammar principles and use the principles learnt in meaningful situations/conversations.
2014 - 2016
English Second Language Tutor/Language Department Lead Teacher
England MTC - Chorley, UK
- Responsible every six weeks to teach a new group of English learners to a high level using the curriculum provided ensuring they learn the appropriate language skills and prepare them to serve in their assignment. - Provided instruction, direction, counsel, feedback, and training using the approved curriculum. - Directed students in planning and accounting for their learning and implement direction and training from the Teacher Supervisors and Director of International MTC’s. - Supervised a team of up to 17 teachers; - assigned to supervise specifically the language department: English as second language, Greek as second language and German as second language. - Organised training for the entire workforce based on student feedback and personal observations. - Held meetings with the members in my department to communicate expectations and motivate them. - Co-ordinated shifts of team members. - With the Manager, interviewed candidates to fill positions.


2016 - 2016
TEFL certificate
Enjoy TEFL
Teaching English as Foreign Language

Lezioni Private

60 minuti