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If you are open to accelerated learning methods, if you are open to new learning styles, if you are open to a relaxed, less formal learning environment, then I welcome you and look forward to classes with you.

**TO BEGIN, SEND ME A MESSAGE RIGHT AFTER YOU BOOK YOUR FIRST CLASS and let me know WHY you want to study English, some of your English speaking goals, and your past English accomplishments. This will allow me to have a clear idea about you, your needs, and what direction we need to go to achieve your goals. **

I am a professional English Language instructor from the United States. I have been teaching English as a Second Language since 2009 both online and offline. I have experience teaching people from many different countries.

As a professional ESL instructor I am TESOL Certified both as a teacher and as a TESOL Instructor. I teach English Fluency, Practical Spoken English, Business English, and Test Preparation. I specialize in Business English, Test preparation, and rapid fluency. I am highly experienced and look forward to helping you to learn to speak English quickly and effectively.

As an instructor helping my students reach their language goals is my primary focus, I know how frustrating it might have been in the past for you. Moving forward into the future together I can assist you in experiencing the English Language on a whole new level that will allow you to communicate in English, quickly, easily, and effectively. Following my tried and tested system for learning English, you can expect to see results quickly.

Classes with me are relaxed, stress free, and comfortable, almost as if you are having an enjoyable conversation with a friend. A friendly conversation that effortlessly stretches your English speaking level each time leaving you more skilled, more knowledgeable, and more fluent each time.

My students typically are business professionals, and college students. Students that are highly competitive, and have a strong desire to succeed in their English speaking goals. My students are dedicated, and highly committed to speaking English fluently, either in their career because they have to speak English in their work environment, or because they will be moving to an English speaking country soon and they want to scale up their skill level quickly.

In my classes you will acquire common sense English. English that you can apply to your everyday life as you go throughout your day you will find that English now just begins to come to you and you will begin to learn faster. You will begin to sound more natural and fluent in any English speaking environment, any time, any place.

I must tell you, your progress is up to you. I cannot magically make you speak English, you must put in the work. You do the work, show up for your classes, do you are daily activities and you will be speaking English fluently in a few months. However if you do not follow the daily activities, and do not have regular classes then you cannot expect to succeed in speaking English fluently. You must do the work to succeed.

Allow yourself to finally succeed in your goal to speak English fluently by contacting me and beginning your journey to success. Let’s discuss your goals, and reasons why you want to learn English, and let’s make it happen. ‘Investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.’ Begin today, for a better tomorrow.

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Principiante Superiore
Intermedio Superiore
Avanzato Superiore
American English
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Proficiency Assessment
Accent Reduction
Business English
Colloquial English
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction


Esperienza Lavorativa

2009 - 2017
Teacher, Manager, Academic Development, Author
iLanguage 121 - Angeles City Philippines
English online teaching
2016 - 2016
Author of Pipe Hitter's Language Course for ROK Navy SEALs
iLanguage 121 - Angeles City Philippines
Advanced English Learning Book for ROK Navy SEALs
2016 - 2016
Author of Hacking English 201 Advanced English Learning Strategies
iLanguage 121 - Angeles City Philippines
Advanced English Learning Book
2014 - 2014
Author of Hacking English Student's Guide to Fluency
iLanguage 121 - Angeles City Philippines
English Learning Book


Master Level Teacher Instructor
iLanguage 121 - Philippines
With over 4,000 hours instructing/mentoring teachers
Master Level Teacher
iLanguage 121 - Philippines
Teaching over 15,000 class room hours
1993 - 2017
Certified Personal Development Coach
Robbins Research - California USA
Peer Recognition Award
2009 - 2017
Outstanding Teacher Instructor of the Year
iLanguage 121 - Philippines
Peer Recognition Award been recipient of this award 8 years in a row.
2009 - 2017
Outstanding Teacher of the Year
iLanguage 121 - Philippines
Peer Recognition Award been the recipient of this award 7 years.
2016 - 2016
TESOL Teacher Trainer
TESOL Asia - Clark Philippines
TESOL Trainer Certification
2015 - 2015
TESOL Asia - Clark Philippines
120 Hour TESOL Certification
2006 - 2006
Certified Holistic Life Coach
University of Sedona - Arizona USA
Certified as a Holistic Life Coach