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I'm Ian from the United Kingdom. I help people prepare for their IELTS Speaking and Writing examinations but that's not all. I can teach general English, coaching and mentoring with Business English, in fact I am able to do whatever you need to 'improve your English'.

English is a language is full of expressions and combinations of words that can mean very little on their own but when used correctly mean a lot more. This is why you need a native English speaker to teach you.

Student comments:

"Today I learned a lot of useful vocabulary related to my upcoming IELTS exam. I didn't know much about how to describe a person's appearance, but Ian provided me with many typical English impressions about this topic. If I manage to remember all of them, my vocabulary about this topic would be perfectly built."

"I highly recommend this teacher! It is very important for me to have answers about English phrases from a native British speaker, so again an extremely useful session. I think I would have a noticeable improvement soon, practising with Ian. Thank you very much!"

"Ian is great. I will continue work with him."

"Another perfect session with Ian! We discussed topics about equipment, education, computers etc. I learned many new phrases related to these topics. My exam is coming and I feel well prepared."

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Studi e Formazione

2013 - 2013
Teach English as a Foreign Language
148 hours of learning plus 'on the job' TEFL/TESOL learning.
2002 - 2008
Coton House Management Centre
Training and development activities for Buisness Management.

Esperienza Lavorativa

2002 - 2014
Priniciple Therapist
Analytical therapist using hypnosis and other interventions,
2010 - 2014
Learning & Development Assessor
Specialist in Customer Service, Management, Advice and Guidance, Business Management and Team leading.
2014 - 2014
Online English Teacher
Working for a language school in southern Spain
2012 - 2012
Teaching English
Master of ceremonies and English Teacher for a language school in Madrid.