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Nina Bosken

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*I am not taking new students, but anyone who has taken a class with me in the past is able to book a class with me! So if you are an old student thinking about taking another class with me, I'd love to see you!*

Hello! I am an American English Teacher living in Spain. I come with many years of teaching experience! I have taught adults of all levels over the Internet and in-person. I prefer classes that are conversation-based, however what we do is up to you! I like to tailor my classes to your needs. I speak Spanish, so if that is your first language and you would prefer to discuss the class details in Spanish, that is fine too!

I teach both adults and children. I like to keep my classes fun and as though you were speaking with a friend. Language-learning can be lots of fun and so I prefer to teach my classes that way!

In the United States, I worked as a teacher's aide in a classroom of children ages 6-9-years-old for two years. I also coordinated an adult English as a second language program (ESL) for Hispanic adults in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. In this position, I planned ESL curriculum for our students who were divided four different levels. It was in this position that I really practiced my Spanish and became fluent in the language. The majority of my students spoke Spanish as their first language and some started taking our classes with no English at all.

Currently, I live in Spain where I teach English as my job. I work as a language assistant in an elementary school and I teach private classes in Spain. I work with eight different families on a weekly basis. I have extensive experience teaching both children and adults.

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schoolStudi e Formazione

2005 - 2009
B.A. in Journalism
Western Kentucky University - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Major in news/editorial journalism and minor in religious studies

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2015 - 2016
Bilingual Education Coordinator
Su Casa Hispanic Center - Cincinnati, Ohio
I coordinated an adult ESL program for mostly Hispanic people. I planned lessons and coordinated the program. I spoke in both Spanish and English in this position.
2013 - 2015
Paraprofessional Teacher's Aide
Dater Montessori Elementary - Cincinnati, Ohio
I worked with children ages 6-9. I led lessons and worked 1-1 with students.
2016 - 0
Private Tutor
Various families - Granada, Spain and La Rioja, Spain
I teach private English classes to both children and adults in Spain. This means that I meet them once a week at their house and teach them English.
2016 - 0
Language Assistant
Ministry of Education - Arbuniel, Spain; Granada, Spain; and Najera, Spain
I assisted with bilingual education in an elementary school in Spain. This meant that I helped children learn and practice their English

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60 minuti