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I am Santanu Ray a young professional Hindi instructor intending to continue my development as a Hindi teacher. I think in terms of objectives, i am enthusiastic & i work with complete dedication, hard work, motivation & conviction. I have earned good reputation from those i helped in this language to pass various vocabulary test. I have proactive positive attitude to encourage & engage with students. You will be mesmerised with my teaching experience. I am learning this language since i am 12 years old from teachers in school. Since my childhood days i developed a passion for teaching this wonderful language & for the last few years i am trying to figure out an opportunity to teach Hindi to thousands of students all over the world, now i got this opportunity and i am thankful to this platform for giving me the opportunity to teach the students all over the world. My aim is to persuade the knowledge of Hindi language not only through innovative skills but also building confidence to speak Hindi with profound understanding & i believe the very purpose of learning any language should include all these. I hope this platform will give me wonderful experience & support to me to cherish my dream as well as others! Since 10 years from now i am speaking this language on every-day basis to interact with the people. As a National language of India if any tourist wants to explore the diversity & unity of this incredible country one should learn & understand Hindi for communication & interaction with people. To achieve mastery over the subject along with speaking & practicing different kinds of words in Hindi including local words that no dictionary offers i know them through visiting various states & places of my country interacting with people with every-walk-of- life & gaining first hand knowledge of a kind. I have done A bachelor of Arts (B A) from Pune University & afterwards done specialization course in Hindi from Ministry of Home Affairs, department of official language Hindi teaching scheme New Delhi securing Ist Division (68%) . I have a teaching certificate. I have a passion on teaching Hindi that motivates & inspires me & i believe that can transform others too. I can ignite the same passion to my students. My focus is on practical training using my own different methodologies. My strategy is a combination of my dedication & personal experience & expertise over the years teaching many students.
1. Imitative Method- In this method student emulate the pronunciation of words spelled by the teacher along with learn reading, writing & spelling following the pattern taught by the teacher. I taught many students using this method & it gives wonderful results for students in long term. Through this a student learns correct procedure of writing Alphabets, words then sentences properly along with their usage. Then comes the next step in this method i.e. Independent imitation- student inherent learning under the guidance of a teacher practice numerous times till becomes independent to write alphabets on his or her own. After this comes spelling emulation, in this method the teacher says the word part by part & the student carefully listen & follow the sound of the spelling of the word. Next comes composing emulation which gives importance to the composition of words & sentences to understand the essence of the language. To perform this method successfully i use poems, songs, dialogue of famous Bollywood movie stars to make learning process more interesting & engaging.
2. vital method- This is based on experience, it gives essence to the feelings, likings & interest of the student that i consider while teaching the subject.
3.Direct approach- To carry out this i mostly rely on - a) Reading a loud, b) question -answer exercise, c) self correction, d) conversation practice, e)Dictation, f) sentence writing & correction. This method increase self-efficacy in cognitive development & also enhances confidence among themselves.
4 Translation method- It improves communication & understanding among teacher & student & also involves co-operation & friendliness between them. Setting clear expectations is the foundation to good instruction & the key to helping students achieve desired learning outcomes. In this course i will show how to read, how to write Hindi using theory & practical examples from everyday-life situations to led them understand the key essence of language better. During teaching i will provide the students quality instructions to get maximum benefit from this course i.e. reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar at the beginning & intermediate level & it will wish to continue further then advance level also.

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Principiante Superiore
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction


Studi e Formazione

2002 - 2005
University Of Pune - Bangalore, India
Focus on literature & psychology

Esperienza Lavorativa

2010 - 2017
taking tutions
at home - Bangalore, India
Focus on speaking, learning & understanding the language in a unique way


Teaching on Verbling
On verbling - San Francisco
Focus on student's requirement & giving overall insight on the subject
2017 - 2018
PARANGAT Hindi specialization couse
Goverment Of India, Home Ministy,Department of official language - Bangalore, India
Focus on overall attributes on learning the language in a better way

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